Introducing AI Policy Perspectives 

Welcome to AI Policy Perspectives: a publication designed to help widen the scope of the AI policy debate, provide a platform for analysis and discussion, and create the conditions through which we can learn in public. We’re starting this project to address questions related to AI policy, governance, ethics, safety, and more. And while we can’t promise to always have the answers, we will nonetheless try and unpack these issues in a few different ways:

  • Policy Primer: Every month, we write our Policy Primer, a summary of the things that the Google DeepMind policy team is thinking about, working on, or interested in. We choose three different developments, place them in the context of the wider AI policy landscape, and share our analysis with you. 

  • Long form content: Over the coming months, AI Policy Perspectives will host a few different types of longer form content. This will include Q&As with established and emerging voices in AI policy, landscape analyses that take stock of our current moment, and reviews of books that we think our audience would like to read. We’ll also be writing essays that go deeper on important AI policy and governance issues. 

  • Policy Notes: We want to use AI Policy Perspectives to share resources to help policymakers, the public, and everyone in between make sense of AI. To do that, we’ll be sharing area overviews of specific subdomains (e.g. AI and sustainability) or issues relevant for AI policy (e.g. open source and access). 

This list isn’t exhaustive and is likely to change over time. If you have any ideas for the topics you’d like us to write about, use the contact details below to get in touch with us.

About the authors

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The authors of AI Policy Perspectives work on policy issues at Google DeepMind in various capacities. However, none of the views expressed here are the views of Google DeepMind or its affiliated bodies unless clearly stated otherwise. 

If you’d like to share feedback, suggest ideas for future editions, or say hello, get in touch with Harry Law at

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